Friday, June 27, 2014

Sing along with these happy Muslim women from Charlotte

Charlotte's Rose Hamid has made a charming video.

It's three-plus minutes of fun that she hopes will challenge what she says is a false perception out there about women like her.

The title of her production: "Muslim Women are Happy."

It's a music video, with Muslim women in hijabs, or headscarves, dancing and frolicking to "Happy," that irresistible hit from big-hatted singer Pharrell Williams.

"People have such a misconception of Muslim women, that we're oppressed and depressed," said Hamid, president of the Muslim Women of the Carolinas. "This is to let them see a different side."

Mostly, she filmed her diverse cast of Muslim women (and children) in uptown's Marshall Park and at the Muslim American Society of Charlotte on Shamrock Drive. But that's her daughter on a rooftop in Palestine, dancing as Williams sings "Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof/Because I'm happy."

I've watched "Muslim Women are Happy" several times and it put a smile on my face at every viewing.

Here it is: Enjoy!

P.S. Nearly every time I write about Muslims, I get hate mail. I hope this time is different. 

-- Tim Funk   


Anonymous said...

They're happy they're not living in a Muslim country where they could not sing or dance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous: Just so that you don't sound ignorant, google these "Muslim countries" (e.g. Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Bosnia, Iraq and all around the world) and you'll see that Muslims who like the activities do sing and dance. Yes, they do sing and dance even in Saudi Arabia too...

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to a Muslim Country? I hope you are not one of those who only travel thru a TV Screen.