Friday, November 1, 2013

Billy Graham's 95th birthday will be marked by party, celebs, books and TV message

Billy Graham turns 95 on Thursday.

To put that in perspective: His life began in Charlotte four days before the end of World War I.

Quite a milestone, quite a life. And a lot of things are happening to mark Graham’s birthday:

-- A private party is planned for Thursday night at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. Graham will be there, as will 600 or so others, including Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Rick Warren and Ricky Skaggs.

-- A DVD featuring what is likely to be Graham’s final public message will be shown in the coming days at 25,000 churches as part of a national evangelical effort called “My Hope America with Billy Graham.”

-- The program will also air Thursday night at 10 on the Fox News Network. Murdoch, the network’s owner, traded letters with Graham about showing the video of him preaching from his Montreat home. Nearly 500 local TV stations are also set to show it. In it, Graham talks about the need for a spiritual awakening in America and how the cross of Christ "demands . . . a new lifestyle."

-- And there are two new books out: Graham’s own, “The Reason for My Hope: Salvation,” and “Billy Graham: A Life in Pictures,” from former Observer religion editor Ken Garfield and a corps of Observer photographers who’ve covered Graham over the decades.

Book rich in pictures, anecdotes

But "Billy Graham: A Life in Pictures" ($19.99) is more than a photo collection. Garfield has tapped into his 12-plus years on the Billy Graham beat (1992-2005) to offer a rich supply of anecdotes and historical detail. Together, they tell you all about the Charlotte farm boy who became a globe-trotting evangelist and pastor to presidents.

“It’s meant to be an Everyman’s appreciation,” said Garfield, 60, now director of communications at Myers Park United Methodist. When he used that “Everyman” phrase with Graham aide David Bruce, Bruce replied, “That’s who Billy preached to.”

Garfield covered five Graham crusades – including in Germany, Charlotte and New York – and interviewed him a dozen times. In person or on stage, Garfield said, Graham was able to “make this connection. … His tenderness and humanity came through.”

Graham’s legacy? “His integrity,” Garfield said. “He got used by Nixon. But there was never any financial or sexual impropriety. … He figured out how to use all media. And he never really swayed from his basic message.”

Recently, in a letter from Montreat, Garfield’s book got a rave review – from Graham.

Garfield will speak and sign copies of his book at 6:15 p.m. Wednesday (Nov. 6) at Sharon Presbyterian Church, 5201 Sharon Road. Also, at 2:30 p.m. Nov. 10 at Levine Museum of the New South, 200 E. Seventh St. Reservations:

-- Tim Funk


Clay said...

One final money grab by this shameless, bigoted huckster.

Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! Pass The Loot!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand trolls who make comments about Billy Graham and claim he steals people's money. They never provide any facts. He has made the vast majority of his income from public speaking and books. He founded Samaritan's Purse and the Billy graham Evangelistic Association posts their tax forms and annual internal audit online for the public to read prominnently on their website.
Bigot? Ggo ahead and dig up some errant comment off of the internet from 30 or 50 years ago and use that.... And ignore his support of the civil rights movement and all of the 99.9% of his life that has been dedicatd to other people all around the world. And then feel free to list all of the services and aid yo uhave provided for people of all walks of life from all around th eworld... 'well I pay taxes' Please...

James Kozlinski said...

Amen to that!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Jesus was real, and was still alive, he'd pimp slap the hell out of Billy Graham.

Anonymous said...

Clay and Anonymous... you're exactly what's wrong with this world today. May you realize it before it's too late. Good luck and I hope you're right for your sake... LOL

God Bless Billy!

Clay said...

@ Anonymous November 1, 2013 at 8:50 AM

I never said Billy steals peoples money, nice try though.

I simply have a different opinion than you do.

Settle down, everything will be OK.

Anonymous said...

Why not just release it for everyone to see? God's word is for the lost, not the saved. Showing it only in churches and on the Fox News Network is basically showing it to those who have already received the word. It makes it look at though the purpose is to sell books, videos and other merchandise and make a profit. Doing things this way shows the critics to be correct.

Anonymous said...

Clay said.:"One final money grab by this shameless, bigoted huckster."

Clasy said: "I never said Billy steals peoples money, nice try though."

Oh i must have been confused... rolling eyes

Anonymous said...

"Why not just release it for everyone to see?"
It is for everyone to see. It is on TV network broadcast around the world.

"God's word is for the lost, not the saved."
It isn't God's word. It is a program about Billy Graham's opinions on religion. If you want to view his program on TV it would seem that it is avaialble for everyone to see (whether they are "saved" or not).

"Showing it only in churches and on the Fox News Network is basically showing it to those who have already received the word."
Showing it in 25,000 churches. how many people get thier mesage out to 25,000 churches? I can hardly believe that every person who happens to tune into the Fox network "Has been saved" It isn't "God's word". It is Billy Graham and his ideas about his religious beliefs. Stating your ideas and beliefs on television is making it free and open to those "who have not been saved". Not that it is a legitimate expectation...
Perhaps that is the only network that would air it and may not be the only network that ultimately will run it or cover it as news.
I can think of very few people who can get their ideas on religion on the airwaves of a major network to the entire world at no cost to them... But I mean if your standard is that people are only legitimate if they state their ideas on religion on every network simultaneously and that they have control over that, feel free to share...

"It makes it look at though the purpose is to sell books, videos and other merchandise and make a profit."
Going on televison with your ideas and message about your religious beliefs doesn't lead anyone to assume it is an attempt to sell books or make a profit. There isn't anything wrong with selling books or making a profit regardless.

"Doing things this way shows the critics to be correct."
Are the critics against people speaking on television about their religious beliefs?
Are they against people who appear on TV also selling books or sharing information by church or publishing books?
Plenty of religious people and leaders sell books. I don't know many people who are critical of that. It sure is odd to criticize someone for disseminating information on television to the general public. because it isnt' to enough people... and it is on a mjor TV netork

Anonymous said...

All of this "money grabbing" is done by no other than Franklin himself. Reverend Graham is too old to be planning such a birthday bash. Franklin is in it for the MONEY because he knows Reverend Graham won't be around much longer so Franklin is using his dad for all it is worth. If one wants to talk about the DEVIL, go no further than Franklin Graham== evil, deceitful, and a "money grabber." He needs to be investigated by the FBI, the IRS, and Homeland Security. He is worse than the Taliban!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 2:28 No one is talking about Franklin Graham... Just you. The article is about Billy Graham.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Furtik is Billy Graham in Blue Jeans. Long live Charlotte's long line of charlatan preachers stealing from the poor while providing a cover at Myers Park Methodist for the bankers to loot the taxpayers. Doesn't Jerry Richardson go there?

Dragon said...

If Billy Graham isn't smart enough to see through Richard Nixon, he's like to spawn an idiot son. Ohhh...

Anonymous said...

@ dragoon. You talk about 1968 like it is the present. That was 45 years ago. And that is the basis of your non sequitor.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:14
Billy grham and Furtic are two unique individuals and Graham has no affiliation with Furtic. The article isn't about Furtic it is about Graham.
Graham doesn't steal from the poor, he gives to the poor.
He has made the vast majority of his income from public speaking and books. He founded Samaritan's Purse which helps needy children all around the world. He also founded the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Both organizations post their tax forms and annual internal audits online for the public to read prominnently on their websites.
Not sure what Graham has to do with Myers Park Methodist or why it matters. Not sure what the issue is with people who work for banks going to church or why it matters where Jerry Richardson goes to church or how that relates to Billy Graham or his efficacy...

Anonymous said...

You lost me at "Fox" and "Murdoch". Talk about a deal with the Devil. While we are on that subject...Franklin always has a whiff of brimstone around him.700

Anonymous said...

The intent of Funk and his lib media outlet is allow useless filthy sicko homo pedo Wayne Williams or Dalhmer bacteria germ serial killer types to defile and deride one of the greatest icons the world has ever seen who at 95 yrs old laughs at the parasitic maggots specks of feces. Funk and his perpetual crybaby motley moocher peasant gumbint whiners were arrested and jailed for violent political disturbance in Raleigh against Gov McCrory this year.
Taxpayers have no moral obligation to give bums freeloaders or disability fakes a dime more than the trillions already given them for nothing. Vicious circle.
Time for McCrory to investigate and cut about 50% more giveaways to these useless moochers on gumbint freebies and Medicaid.
Despicable freeloaders.

Wake County Republican Party
Raleigh NC


Dorothy said...

To degrade a 95 year old man who has
dedicated his life to the one specific cause of spreading the Good News that God came to earth to give His life to show us how we should live is the lowest form of character in mankind. May God have mercy on you. I am praying for you to watch
this message that I feel is being sent by God through Billy Graham.


Dorothy said...

By the way, you can get the video
free of charge and shipped free of
charge for the asking. Just go to
the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website. I have mine.

Dorothy Again

Anonymous said...



WE WON !!!! ITS OVER ...


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