Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Myers Park Baptist pastor plans Feb. 17 return

The Rev. Steve Shoemaker, who checked himself into a 30-day treatment center late last year, plans to return to the pulpit at Myers Park Baptist Church on Feb. 17.

Shoemaker -- pastor of the 2,200-member liberal church for 13 years -- told his flock in a Dec, 28 letter that, after struggling with depression and anxiety as well as recent self-medication with alcohol, "I'm physically, psychologically and spiritually depleted and must get help."

He entered a treatment facility in Maryland.

In an email this week to church members, board of deacons chair Richard Pearsall announced that Shoemaker had returned to Charlotte and would soon return to the pulpit.

"He is in the process of establishing an active aftercare program," Pearsall wrote. "Steve will return to our pulpit on Sunday, February 17. I hope you can join us for worship that day to offer him a warm welcome back."

Observer interviews with members of the church last month turned up much support and understanding for the high-profile preacher.

-- Tim Funk


Anonymous said...

Steve Shoemaker is a wonderful preacer and I am so glad that he will be returning to the pulpit.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get off calling a church where members C.D. Spangler and son-in-law Tom Nelson co-hosted a fundraiser for George W. Bush liberal???? Spangler is the biggest stock owner in BofA, which pastor Robin Meyers calls a criminal enterprise. MPBC is a church that welcomes diversity....to call it liberal is totally inaccurate.

Dealing with inaccurate, unfair journalism would male the job very difficult.

Clay said...

Pilled up, drunk, and stressed out is no way to go through life.

Maybe he can find something to believe in that will give him hope, peace, joy, and a sense of belonging.

Maybe try having it rooted in reality this time. He won't feel like such a phony.

Anonymous said...

Well "Clay" from being lucky enough to hear the man preach, see him interacting with not only the church, but the broader community, he does have "hope, peace, joy and a sense of belonging." However, Steve is and always portrays himself to be a human. You took a wild swing at church/religion in your last sentences, but here's a man that doesn't present himself as holier than anyone else. Just like you (and everyone else) he has times of sadness, vulnerability and loneliness. He's one of the most honest men I've ever met: so "human" YES, "phony" never. Why, he'd even have a courteous and caring discussion with you... He's an amazing, courageous man and I (and MANY people) wish him well!

Clay said...

Well "anonymous 9:49" no need to get defensive.

This guy knows in his heart what he's preaching is nonsense, but the paycheck and lifestyle are to good to give up.

It's catching up with him. Plain and simple.

Bobby said...

Clay-I am sorry you cannot see your comments as the mean-spirited attack they are. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Steve Shoemaker is a person who has poured himself into the life of the church over the course of his ministry. The gifts he brings to the church are rarely seen!